Gun Rights are Your Rights Too

Whether you like it or not, you have gun rights. These rights go along with all your other birthrights as an American. Even if you weren't born in America, these are still your rights, simply because you choose to live here.

The libertarian minded among us realize that our rights in the arena of firearms comes from our natural right of self-defense, and our right to have the best means of self-defense available to us if we so choose.

And, the best means is a firearm, specifically a handgun.

Self-defense is something we recognize instinctively, but some of us deny the right to defend ourselves with a firearm, thinking that the use of a gun should be left up to the police. That kind of thinking often morphs into a denial of individual rights for ourselves, and when we feel comfortable with it, it morphs again into a denial of individual rights for others.

The constitutions at the federal and state levels are documents that are there to guarantee civil rights. An armed citizenry is one of those civil rights. The first 10 amendments to the federal constitution are known as our Bill of Rights. The 2nd Amendment reads:

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

This simple statement is there to guarantee that the people will always be armed and therefore prepared to defend themselves, their families, their communities, their state and their country.

Our gun rights don't mean we have the right to commit crimes with firearms. It is expected that guns will be used for lawful purposes. Sadly, there are many of us that think we need gun control much more than our gun rights.

These are people that believe you are not responsible enough to have a gun. They would rather see you as a victim, rather than see you associated with a firearm. They want to regulate your civil rights as if they were privileges. This is wrong.

We all have choices in life. In the gun rights arena there are but three options:

Take your pick. Be a bad guy. Be a victim of a bad guy. Or, you can be a champion of freedom for you and others. It's all up to you.

It's okay if you toss your gun rights aside, but I caution you not to interfere with the rights of others. Our civil rights are all individual rights, and only the individual can choose not to exercise one or more of them. And only a court of law can strip you of your civil rights through due process.

Or, in the case of Great Britain, the people allowed the government do-gooders to place them in a terrible situation where the rights of criminals are held above the rights of citizens. This is a long video, but it has a powerful message to us all...the only rights you'll have are the ones you fight for.

It seems to me the best approach is to protect and defend all of our rights, whether or not you choose to exercise them. After all, if one right can be regulated or ignored, why can't they all go the same route? Once a precedence is set, it's easy to apply to other enumerated rights.

One of the disturbing trends we see in our country is our propensity to invent new rights (abortion rights, animal rights, parental rights, and others) and ignore those that were thought to be so important as to warrant enumeration in the constitution of this country.

Indeed, we have other rights that are not enumerated, but to let our Bill of Rights take a back seat to them is not wise at all.

Along with gun rights comes personal responsibility. It's all part of the idea of liberty. You're free to do as you please unless it interferes with the rights of others. You've probably heard: "My rights stop where yours begin." It's a good way to think about any of our civil rights.

You'll notice that people of great courage stand up and fight for our gun rights. And, they fight for and respect all the rest of our rights as well. That's the way it should be. Here are some organizations I suggest you take a close look at, as they represent courage in action. They aren't afraid of your freedom.

There are also people that don't support your right to keep and bear arms. I suggest you take a close look at these individuals as well. Often you'll find they ride in limousines, step out onto red carpet, dress very well, sit behind a desk, hold public office, appear often on magazine covers, have personal bodyguards for themselves and their families, and live in very nice neighborhoods where violent crime is rare.

They don't see a need to personally exercise their gun rights, and their attitude is often "so why should you?" It's curious how they so often question your right to keep and bear arms, but they never question their right to free speech. Both are enumerated rights.

They gladly use the 1st amendment to bash the 2nd amendment. They enjoy their life in America as long as you do things their way. Often these individuals are a type of self-appointed royalty, looking down on the rest of us. They are the elite, and they just don't understand why anyone needs a gun.

They like to talk about sensible gun laws and the greater good that is in store for us with their brand of gun legislation. The idea of gun rights just isn't part of their mindset and thinking at all.

If you ever want to read a concise book on the value of gun rights in this country, I highly recommend Nation of Cowards, Essays on the Ethics of Gun Control, by Jeff Snyder. It is the only book you'll ever need to fully understand why in America we have an individual right to keep and bear arms, and why gun control is wrong.

Here are other recommendations for books on gun control and gun rights.

As a Libertarian, we often refer to ourselves as the "Leave me the hell alone party." And, when it comes to firearms, please just leave me and my gun rights the hell alone.

Sometimes our right to keep and bear arms comes in handy, especially when there is a villain trying to make you a victim...

Apparently the good folks in Nashville don't cotton to robbers that pull guns out, threaten the lives of others, and generally order folks around at gunpoint. Here we see a good example of criminals with guns and the responsible and law abiding citizen with a gun.

Funny how many folks seem to be concerned only about the presence of guns, and not the intent of those carrying the gun. For me, it makes a huge difference. I respect the gun rights of others because they can help me in a time of need.

As for the criminals carrying guns with malevolent intent, they need to be put underground or behind bars. My thanks and admiration go out to the brave citizen of Nashville who had the courage to be free, and took action so that others could live free as well.

He is indeed a champion of freedom. It is one thing to talk about it, and it is something quite different to defend your life and the life of others, at your own peril. This man has libertarian values, and shows us that he can be a hero of more than just his own self interest.

If you're serious about being a victor instead of a victim, you might take a look at the "top drawer" firearms training offered by Frontsight. I like the approach of Dr. Piazza; he is focused on results. He wants you trained and ready to be a victor, and he wants to positively change the image of American gun rights in our lifetime.

Done with Gun Rights, take me Home

Help others defend their natural human rights, even when none of yours are at risk. It's just a matter of time before government turns its focus on you. It's then you'll need others to return the favor and support the rights that you hold dear.

Nothing in human history has shown itself to promote success like freedom. Yet, liberty is under fire on a daily basis from those who desire to be your lord and master.

It takes courage to be free, and far greater courage to allow others to be free. May you have that far greater courage.