Libertarian logic is all about individual liberty, freedom of choice, your human and civil rights, free enterprise, limited government, and justice for all.

Clair Schwan, host of Libertarian Logic.

This website is dedicated to all the organizations and individuals that are striving to preserve and protect freedoms that we hold so dear in America. It is dedicated to the ideals that our founders espoused, and we find too few willing to endorse today.

If you think America is slipping into a fog and slowly drifting farther from the ideals that have made us great, you're not the only one. Let's use this website to rekindle our energies and commitments to preserve the purest form of freedom ever known on this planet - America freedom.

I strive to add a meaningful page to this site at least once a week, if not every couple of days. The scope is broad, and I expect it will take a year or more before most topics are addressed in a reasonable fashion.

This site was launch in September of 2008 and contains 38 pages.

Let me hear your suggestions for this site and I will consider incorporating them.

Good fortune to all my fellow freedom minded individuals, Libertarian or otherwise,

Clair Schwan

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Help others defend their natural human rights, even when none of yours are at risk. It's just a matter of time before government turns its focus on you. It's then you'll need others to return the favor and support the rights that you hold dear.

Nothing in human history has shown itself to promote success like freedom. Yet, liberty is under fire on a daily basis from those who desire to be your lord and master.

It takes courage to be free, and far greater courage to allow others to be free. May you have that far greater courage.