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What's a Libertarian? When you ask that question, people generally listen carefully because often they simply don't know. It's a new term they aren't familiar with.

They've heard of the two major parties in this country, but they just aren't familiar with this growing third party that appears more and more on ballots each year. It's a curious thing. My name is Clair Schwan and I'm here to help you learn more about this growing political philosophy.

With so many uncertain about what the philosophy entails, there are others who seem to have limited familiarity with the party and its principles, but limitless criticism of libertarianism. So be it.

So, what does this party stand for? Who are these people? And, why aren't they satisfied with being part of the "two party system" that we've had for so many years? All good questions, and they'll all be answered here.

Is this party better than the others? I think so, but it all depends on your view of America and what we should be about.

Do they have all the answers? Probably not, but we have a great many of them, and I think you'll find our ideas to be logical, consistent with one another, and founded on the principles that are traditionally American.

For the curious and unfamiliar, allow me to summarize what a Libertarian values:

  • Limited constitutional government
  • Rights of individuals
  • Individual liberty
  • Personal responsibility
  • Citizen participation in government
  • Free enterprise with open and competitive markets
  • Justice and the rule of law

At first glance, it might appear that we already have these things in America. At least it would appear that we already cherish these ideals. So, what's the big deal about being a Libertarian anyway?

You'll see what the big deal is in the many pages that follow. From a general perspective, let me say that our failings as Americans include that we:

  • Tend to value what's popular, instead of what's right
  • Involve government where it doesn't belong
  • Look too often for a government solution to private matters
  • Create dependency on government programs
  • Lose our courage to be free and let others be free
  • Trade our rights and freedoms with the unrealistic expectations of safety and security

Here at Libertarian Logic, we'll look at recent history and current events to help show where we've been, where we're headed, and what we should do about our ever dwindling personal liberty and general well being.

My personal belief is that it is really our own fault, and we get what we deserve. We just haven't understood the value of American freedom - the purest form of freedom on the planet. We've turned our back on our fine heritage, and instead listen to thoroughbred politicians that have long thought that America is about them, not us.

As long as we remain silent and inactive, we'll continue to get what we deserve. Thomas Jefferson told us that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. This site is my form of eternal vigilance.

We need to actively support rights, liberty and justice, or we'll soon not be much like Americans at all. If you're interested in being part of the discussion and would like to stay informed about updates to the site, then subscribe to Liberty and Limited Government.

American freedom and opportunity is the envy of the world; our situation with immigration attests to that. It's your country and your future, so it's up to you what it looks like now and in the future. Join me and explore what one Libertarian sees as the proper perspective on key issues of our time.

These are the general areas of discussion you'll find here at Libertarian Logic:

Liberty - what's it all about?
Learn more about liberty and its central focus in American history and philosophy.
Our Declaration of Independence
Learn about the document that started it all - the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America
The Bill of Rights - limits enumerated
Learn about our precious American bill of rights.
Our Market Economy - well, almost
A market economy is good for everyone.
American Education - an adventure of issues
Let's look at a range of issues associated with American education from the viewpoint of a Libertarian.
Gun Rights are Your Rights Too
Learn about your gun rights in America.
Taxes - our upside down world
Taxes are a sore subject, no matter who you talk to.
Stupid Laws and Policies
Learn about stupid laws and silly policies, both on the books and proposed.
Abuse of Power - only if we allow it
Learn about abuse of power that results in crimes of government by our elected and appointed officials.
Does gun control really work?
Let's look at gun control issues and how they work.
Illegal Drugs - a ceaseless domestic war
The story of illegal drugs in America shows many more crimes than simply drug abuse.
Current Events - or nearly so
A grab bag of current events and my Libertarian views on them.
Libertarian Candidates - me and others
Learn about the views of libertarian candidates.
Newsletter - Americans for Liberty and Limited Government
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Libertarian Logic Updates
The latest updates to libertarian logic in the form of a blog.
About Libertarian Logic
Learn about Libertarian Logic and our focus on your liberty.

Help others defend their natural human rights, even when none of yours are at risk. It's just a matter of time before government turns its focus on you. It's then you'll need others to return the favor and support the rights that you hold dear.

Nothing in human history has shown itself to promote success like freedom. Yet, liberty is under fire on a daily basis from those who desire to be your lord and master.

It takes courage to be free, and far greater courage to allow others to be free. May you have that far greater courage.